Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost made it!

Tomorrow is Friday and I might just make it! This week has been fine but I am still ready for the weekend.

Tuesday night was N's play and he was ADORABLE! Then E won his a kick ass game and my kid was the winning run....AWESOME! I helped dress the class in costumes and that was ummm, fun? And then we had the parent/coach fighting...that was fun!

Last night we went to the mall to get a birthday present for Coach's daughter and she ended up coming too and we had a blast. I'm guessing she really likes her gifts. Actually, I am sure she does, she did pick them out. :) We had Cinnabon and ice cream before we left and I do so love the mall.

Tonight N had a game and then I came home and set up my new laptop (WOOHOO!) and I am sitting on the couch as I type exciting! The kids are up late because I wasn't paying attention to the time and they have a field trip tomorrow that I can't go on because of a stupid work meeting that I have to attend and I don't even get to wear jeans...on a FRIDAY! WTF!?!

Tomorrow H is showing her movie...I can't wait! I know a famous movie star and I get to spend Friday night watching her shine. Ironic considering she doesn't like it when people look at her. Saturday we have a pancake breakfast, a 1st birthday party, a baseball game and a 16th birthday party...busy day anyone? Sunday is going to have to be cleaning house is NUTS! I seem to say that a lot don't I? Wonder why I can't seem to figure that out.

Coach and I had an awkward moment the other day and I had a pretty strong reaction to it. I am guessing it is because I analyze everything. He doesn't think it was a big deal...said sorry and not really thought about it since. I still seem to contemplate it...not sure why. I am certain that past history will repeat itself for me and I can't let that feeling go. Part of me doesn't want to, I figure I won't be surprised when it happens. Yeah, I totally tried that before and it sooo didn't work so I don't know why I think it will this time. So I guess that is why I am focusing on that small incident. It is what it is and I can't change me or my overactive, pessimistic, dramatic mind. He still does all these nice things and says the right things and its nice...and.....

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