Monday, May 3, 2010

Rest of the weekend....

Saturday night turned out to be entirely too much fun! Coach dropped me off for my dinner at N's coaches house so I didn't have to worry about driving if we decided to have some wine (LOTS of it!). So, at 4:30 I was enjoying some wine and girl talk with H and her sister (also H) and the boys were running around and their older daughter was chatting with us too. Coach ended up coming and getting her husband to take him to the races with the older kids. We ladies had much more wine before we ate, laughed A LOT, got in the spa while the little boys decided it was warm enough to swim. Oh that night was a blast! Coach came around 11:00 and picked me and the little one up and made sure we got safely home. I can't even put into words the fun we had.

Sunday J and I took the kids to the movies. I highly suggest skipping Furry Vengeance if you can. The kids looovvveedd it...J and I, not so much. We hit up the Old Navy sale...the boys were in desperate need of summer clothes and I got a few things know...several hundred dollars later..OUCH! We had some Mexican food for lunch and then agreed a nap sounded like a good idea. Too bad Coach had other plans. He called and the boys wanted to go play at the fields so I let them all ride scooters from my house to the park and he met us a few minutes later. I called the other team mom and she and her son came too. By 7:30 it was apparent that E had reached the end of the line and needed to chill out. We went home and he took a shower and ate and then passed out on the couch. N ate and then took a shower too but was less tire for some unknown reason! The rest of the night, what was left of it, was pretty quiet.

I can't believe how busy and fun the weekend was and how quickly it went! These kids are a blast. I need to clean and do laundry and figure out how to find $500ish extra dollars...somehow I don't think I will find it in the laundry like that random $5. I want to do some little projects around the house and that amount would take care of most of them. Come on money fairy...visit me, visit me! :)

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