Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunny Sunshine

As I type this E and The Boy are playing Wii and Coach is watching. Last night we went and grabbed In & Out and then ice cream and came back to my house. The Boy and another kid from E's team had a sleep over at our house. I had to buy each kid a different box of cereal for breakfast. They ran around outside riding their UNDERWEAR...around my neighborhood....monsters! We tried (I tried) to watch Avatar and finally around 11:30 they passed out.

We had an early game this morning and lost...suck it! After, we all went for pizza (again) and then N had a game this afternoon. A FINALLY got her toe fixed so I had the girlies with me. :) After N's game he went home with K - my "shared husband" and I came home to find the other three in the front yard. We are just hanging out now and then I am going to husbands for dinner and Coach is taking E and his boy to the races while we have our girls dinner. Tomorrow J and I are going to take the kids to a movie and possibly Target/Old Navy...WOOHOO! :)

It has been such amazing weather and things have been lots of fun. J is graduating from collage today and that is just AWESOME! I hope that she and her family are having an amazing day and getting ready for their Mexican cruise tomorrow.

Happy rest of the weekend!

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