Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yesterday SUCKED ASS!

I was not a fan of yesterday and was more than happy for it to be OVER! Ironically, I saw several people I know post something on good old FB last night indicating the same thing...must have been in the air. The air was the one good thing about yesterday, it was so nice out. The day did not go as planned, the day sucked. I tried! I really, really tried! I ended up being sad and crabby and not at all interesting to anyone that my have wanted to talk to me after 5:00. Well, other than the BFF A. She talked to me, she always does. She always helps but things in perspective and truly believes the whole "it will all work out" philosophy. I do not subscribe to that line of thinking. I have wanted too. Instead I am a worrier. I always feel like I have to make it work...nothing is just going to "work out" you have to plan, and worry and make lists people! I know at the end of the day I really have no control over the whole thing but damn it, I will fight it until the end. (Ok, well that was all a tangent!)

Anyways, yesterday I felt like a total outsider. Like I didn't belong. It sucked. It was probably my fault, I should have known better but I didn't. I'm glad I know now and won't get blindsided by it again (I HOPE!). Your going to miss the big stuff, get over it you big baby! The specifics of what and why really don't matter and I decided I don't want to relive them here every time I read this so I am going to leave it alone and just remember it happened and will again and it's just too damn bad. I will deal with it as it comes and be happy for those that I love that love me back. My bitches got it! :)

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