Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day / Weekend

I really can't believe it is Monday! I swear it was just Friday a second ago and now here I am with FIVE whole days to wait until the weekend...UGH! And it is going to be a week!

My weekend was pretty crazy. Friday night after N's game I was a concert with my sister and niece. We met the members of a new band I love - Cavo and several of the Lifehouse peeps. This happened only because of where our seats were located (good seats!). Yelled some cursing words at these old ladies behind us that insisted people should sit down during a concert. They also felt that throwing things would be the best way of convincing you. It convinced me to call her some names, laugh at her and the proceed to NEVER sit down. Suck it mean lady!

Saturday was baseball-0-rama day. Both the kids had games and we had only a little downtime between N's early game and E's very long game. After the games we went to J's house for dinner. It was her present from the hub. (A pattern that I LOVE - her V Day gift was him babysitting so she and I could go to the movies and shopping and then her M Day gift is dinner for us!) Dinner was awesome and we had so much fun. Then dessert came and we laughed our asses off! He made a cake and wrote "Thanks for your vagina" on the cake...even made sure to write vagina in pink. He then sang a song to go with it...AWESOME! :) After dinner, cake and lots of drinks a few of us made a quick "memorial" trip to Thunder Valley. I don't gamble but it was a favorite thing for Coach's mom and since it was Mother's Day weekend we went to "celebrate" it with her in spirit. First machine he touched he won $325! A and I decided that we needed to show these peeps how to dance...we were the only ones and it was more then funny! At this point it is pretty late, I have had more than a couple adult beverages, my tummy is full and my Starbuck's did nothing...I am ready for sleepytime!

Sunday morning we met ass early for breakfast with my mom, sisters, niece and grandma. FUN! We ate and exchanged gifts and then I made Coach take me home for a nap before the boys came home. PTD actually let them buy me a card and little plant for the first time EVER! The boys made me cards at school too (my fav!). Coach had brought me flowers too. We hung out at home, had impromptu photos snapped by N and cleaned a little before heading off to my parents for an early dinner. The very best part? N fell asleep on my lap. Well, he fell asleep and I picked him up and snuggled him. I miss my little baby. He is always good for some snuggles. We went to Target on our way home and then just hung out around the house for the rest of the night. It was pretty awesome.

This morning Coach brought donuts for us before school/ was nice of him. He does a lot of nice things....sigh......

Back to reality and work.

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