Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Concert Series Redux!

Friday night was the second of five concerts I will attend this summer. Typically, I haven't seen more than one MAYBE two concerts a year and this summer I have five. The first I already blogged about and was pretty sure it was going to be my favorite. Coldplay with E & M - I had a great time, a few drinks, great music and friends - it was a blast. I now have to say that No Doubt is now the best! :) Why?

1. Friday night concert - So much easier than the middle of the week. (Unless you were A & N who had swim meets for the kiddos, or A who had to work early, J who had softball for her daughter and I believe M & E may also have required activities early in the morning.) I, for once did not! The boys had dental appointments but they were later in the day.

2. Friends, friends, friends! It was so awesome to get together with so many of my favorite people. I haven't seen A in forever! It was great to see her and catch up on life and make some plans to get together - she is much fun. A, N and I do but not usually out and about - it is always great to be out with the besties. M & E carried over the fun from Coldplay and J and I hardly ever do anything together that doesn't involve the kids. Don't get me wrong, I love them but it was nice not to have to keep an eye out for them and worry about the crazies around us.

3. The crazies around us! PEOPLE ARE NUTS! A has the pictures to prove it and I can't wait to read her captions to go with them. We saw the hoe cakes, the nuts, the girl with her brand new concert tee stuffed down the crack of her ass, more hoe cakes, I could go on and on! It was awesome. I am sure more than one person looked at my bird-duck-quail dance and thought I was one of them! Wonder if my picture will end up on some stranger's blog? Hmmm! :)

4. Concert wares! Cotton candy, nachos, sodas, corn dogs, t-shirts, lemonade. I don't think they sold anything one or more of us didn't purchase! I can't resist cotton candy and it was good! Love my shirt - soon to be quilt and I love that I found a shirt that could not be more perfect for my bestie A! Hope she loved it as much as I loved buying it!

5. Music! - The band was awesome! The first one...not so much, the second good, the last perfect!

The silliness on the way home wasn't too bad either. I hope all the ladies had as much fun as I did. Have you ever seen a bird-duck-quail? :)

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  1. I had the most AMAZING time!! And I'm so, so sad that I didn't get the bird-duck-quail dance in my concert series pictures.