Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Top 10 Things I Want (not need, just want)

I am completely lacking in focus and concentration today! Maybe it is because I slept not so comfortably last night. I was blessed to share my most comfortable bed with two small boys with ninja like kicking abilities and one very large dog that snores.

So, here is a list of ten things I would like to have show up on my doorstep (free of charge) no particular order.

1. A new IPOD - one that plays all my songs and not just the ones it wants me to listen to.
2. A new Kitchen Aid stand mixer in Onyx.
3. A landscaper and a landscaping budget of around $10,000. :)
4. College funds for E & N
5. A man! Not one to marry me. A bug killing, scary noise detective, know-it-all fix-it man. I normally just call this man DAD but he is out of town and makes me kill my own bugs!
6. Unlimited kid time (not just with E & N but all my favorite kiddos)! Time to take them to the movies, the park, more water fights in the yard.
7. A huge, manly dog house for WallE. Ever tried finding a house for a 140+ dog?
8. A new furniture/electronics budget. So many things I want but don't need. Show me the $$$!
9. Gourmet cooking skills! Not just yummy stuff...AWESOME ready for a cookbook stuff!
10. A replenishing vacation allowance for one kick-ass vacation per year...for LIFE!

I don't believe that material things make you happy or even just happier. I do believe in retail therapy and always will. These are just things I would like to have and that would potentially make life a little easier and maybe a little more enjoyable. Got a list?

1 comment:

  1. I want everything on your list. Although I don't need the dog house, since Bruiser already has a doggy-hotel, and I have the bug-killing man, but he makes me kill a lot of bugs, too.

    Otherwise, good list!