Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day!

Our 4th of July celebration was F-U-N! :) First, I love that it was on a Saturday this year...made staying up until 11:00 watching fireworks much easier.

I felt like the day was marked with a little of my own Independence. I searched out Home Depot for the right size air filters for our house (we have two different sizes) and then bought a DVD player for my room. I changed my own filters and hooked up the DVD player. I know those are probably the two lames reasons to declare your independence but I felt empowered. When I was married my husband did those things. After, I lived in an apartment and I just called the number and someone came and took care of the filters and things. When I moved someone was always around to hook up the electronics. I am not really good at that type of thing. Actually, I have never had to try so I just didn't. Top that off with accidental getting to see my man on TV! I do not watch golf but when I turned the TV back on after hooking up the DVD player it was on channel 3 and they had a celebrity tournament on and at that very moment Big Ben was being interviewed and taking his shots...heavenly! :)

The big party at Grandpa & Grandma's was full on awesome! We swam, played on the water slides, ate and ate and ate some more and then had the big show. All of the neighbors had fireworks and we had a couple of dad's on the block that decided we needed to have a big show so they busted out a bunch of different size ladders and things so we had them at different heights. Someone had the not so legal kind near us so we got to see a couple of those too. Everyone had such a great time. And today we have nothing to do but lounge around...WOOHOO!

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