Friday, July 17, 2009


My man is so close and yet still so far! He is playing in a celebrity golf tournament a mere two hours from where I live and I can't go. :( I briefly considered driving up tomorrow but it seems that tickets are sold out - not to mention I have things to do tomorrow and that was not on the list! I tried to get my boss (who is even closer) to go steal him for me but he just wouldn't agree. What a bonus that would be! :)

D and I are off to have a margarita to celebrate some good fortune - not ours directly but the alternative made us very sad so we are going to celebrate that it didn't happen. Cryptic sounding I know but it isn't something I should openly discuss.

I LOVE my dad! I just have to say it. Just got off the phone talking to him and I really can't imagine a day when I will not be able to do that. I pray to God that I don't have to find out until I am 100 years old...PLEASE! :) What would I ever do without him - he is a fountain of knowledge and love (and the occasional bout of complete, total, undeniable crabbiness that only my dad can achieve)! I know you think I am exaggerating but you have never seen the vein - get out of the way people!

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  1. I feel the same way about my dad (well both parents actually). I told them they have to live to be 110; either they'll outlive me, or I'll be so old I won't really realize they're gone!