Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy, Crazy, Full Week!

Our biggest news is our new baby, WallE! We rescued a mastiff last week and brought him home to live with us. He is a two year old baby and we love him like CRAZY! He is 140 pounds of pure love and slobber. Tonight he had his first bath at our house and he was not a big fan but he smells MUCH better than he did. My niece H discovered last night that he is a big fan of the game Twister and he cheats. :)

We stayed pretty close to home last weekend just to make sure he got adjusted. The boys did have two birthday parties to attend on Saturday and we ran a couple of errands. Saturday night we had a sleep over with my nieces and nephew and then on Sunday T came over with the kids too so WallE got well introduced to the crazy that is our life. I wrestle around a 140 pound baby at home and yet my biggest dog trouble last weekend was a very sassy little 25 pounder at A & N's house. They were out of town this weekend so I was letting the doggies in and out. Well "antenna ears" went ever so nicely back in her house. Mr. Sassypants looked at me like I lost my ever loving mind and he was not going near that terrible house. So I chased and he finally relented. Good Dog!

As I mentioned in my post earlier today...I LOVED Coldplay. They were so good in concert. They would have been great even without the large margarita and shot of tequila. I AM NOT A SHOT TAKER! But E nicely purchased me one and I couldn't very well say no so I took it like a man...well, like a woman! ;) Little did she know that I would require no more alcohol the rest of the evening. I define "cheap date". It was a great night. Next week is No Doubt...woohoo! I wonder what cheap tix they will have for sale at that concert. Last night you could purchase lower level tickets to see The Killers @ Arco for $20 - no service charges or anything. I got another concert t-shirt that I won't wear. I have decided that I will soon convince A to make me a quilt out of them...wish me luck!

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  1. Bruiser is 12 pounds of love, terror, and frustration. And the little dogs are worse than wrestling with big dogs - big dogs you can just tackle, while little dogs run circles around the kitchen table making it impossible for you to catch them!

    We'll have to see what we can do about your concert T-shirt quilt idea. :)