Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Round of Random

Well, it looks like my man hasn't had the best of luck in Lake Tahoe. I do not know the whole story nor will I ever but for now, in my world, I choose to believe that he DID NOT DO IT! And that is the end of that!

Our weekend was nice. My forever hard working father came to help me with some yard work on Saturday. While I love being a homeowner I do not love outdoor creatures (other than our dog and he is mostly inside)! We have multiple frog families, a couple of lizards and other
what-nots that decided to make it known that I was disturbing the peace with my hard work. Well the yard looks better but far from good. We ran out of gas (both for us and the lawnmower) and line for the weed eater...darn the bad luck. It's a little tough being in charge of all the house work both inside and out but I am trying to manage it. The outside is certainly suffering. It needs both my time and $$$ and it isn't getting much of either...much to my dismay.

I am struggling a little to find time to do all the work involved with owning a home and two kids and working full time and trying to be a regular person for five minutes a week! I wish I could find a book or something that would help me figure out how to do it all and not feel overwhelmed and whiny about it. SO WHAT? I mean am I really complaining about having a demanding full time job, two perfectly healthy rowdy boys, a home that I can maintain or not if I chose, a new family member that we love and friends and family to spend time with? I sound so selfish and I hate it! PTD has cut his time back tremendously at his own choosing and I have a very hard time understanding WHY and HOW you can be ok with seeing your children for such a short amount of time? I typically would spend a small part of my kid free time doing something I wanted but most of the time I was trying to take care of things I couldn't do with the boys or that they hated doing. That is no longer an option due to the new plan. They don't mind not being with him (SAD anyone?) and I am glad to have them home with me (now 99% of the time) but I wish I had a better alternative than making them sit with me at places they would rather not go and really want to be home playing the back yard. It screams BAD MOM in my head.

Saturday evening my friend A came over with his daughter for dinner and some Wii action and Sunday the boys and I just stayed home and was so nice! My head was hurting a bit so laying around and goofing off was about all I could handle.

Monday was M-O-N-D-A-Y! Enough said!

Tuesday I had lunch with one of my most favorite people - MG! I miss her so much. We live so close to each other and work even closer and yet we have the hardest time connecting. We decided this time that enough was enough and we would get together more often. I so love her! :) Then Tuesday night A and fam came over and I played dress up/fashion show with the girls and had a marvelous time. I wonder who likes it more? :) Then they all spent the night and the boys got to stay with A today. They so loved it. They miss her as much as I do. :(

Work was a crazy on Wednesday but I got to see G and while he looked a little worse for the wear he was still HERE and in our office and that made me smile! D and I had good Mexican food for lunch and I recently joined a book club and tonight was our first meeting. We are reading Best Friends Forever. It was fun to hang out while the kids ran around like crazy people outside with T's husband J. We haven't started the book so mostly us girls sat around and talked about life. T and I had read one other book that we both enjoyed so we were explaining it to the others. I think T (other T's sister) will read it too. I so love spending time with both of them and need to do it more!

So much for using this blog to be grateful. I end up sounding like a big old cry baby - oh, that's right - I am a big cry baby! I promise to continue to work on that. I am so grateful for all my blessings and I know that I need to embrace the challenges and work that come with them but I am not sure how to do that more gracefully and with less whining! I am determined, focused and motivated to do it even if it takes large quantities of Diet Pepsi, Starbucks, chocolate and wine. Hmmm - maybe my diet is part of the problem? Well, no help for that part - I won't even try and lie and say "I'll work on that too" because I won't and I don't want too. Next you'll try and convince me that shopping doesn't solve anything! HA! :)

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  1. What about if you had some sort of deal with one of your friends that has kids? You watch all the kids for a few hours one day while your friend runs kidless errands, and then they swap and watch the kids for a few hours while you do your errands?

    Is child advice from the childless one null and void? :)