Sunday, July 5, 2009

If everyday could be today!

We had such a great day! Everyone slept in until 8:00 (a miracle in our house) due to our late night festivities. I made french toast and bacon for breakfast, loved second to waffle pancakes. :) We then took a bike ride down the ever so close bike path to T's house so the boys could play with A for a little bit while she and I chatted. Such are the joys of moving closer to "home" again! After that the boys and I rode home and gave our bikes a much needed bath before heading inside to chill out and have lunch. My friend DC txted to say she visited our church today and really liked it. I was so glad (Pastor Lance ROCKS!) and then we planned a Wednesday night outing. YIPPEE!

Cooking during the week is pretty anti-climatic for me so tonight I made balsamic grilled chicken, homemade mac and cheese (E's favorite) and roasted zucchini fresh from Nana's garden. YUM! Mommy got to enjoy her dinner with a nice glass of wine courtesy of D2 - He has excellent taste in wine and employees! :) The boys are getting ready to play Wii while I try and get motivated to clean up the kitchen so we can all enjoy an ice cream cone soon!

I guess our nice long weekend is almost at the end - how did that happen so fast? Why does the rest of the week not fly by like this? D said she has some good stories to tell about her weekend and there is always Starbucks on my way to we get to wear jeans tomorrow so I guess it isn't all bad!

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