Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a weekend! E & N got to have a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's house with their cousin Z. It was all very exciting. Mommy got to go wine tasting with her friend M..it was a Ladies Night Out at this little place in Land Park..very cute and tasty wine. I bought 2..YUM! Plus we had ice cream after - what goes better with wine than ice cream right? Plus I met a very nice new friend that curses almost as much as I do (not my best trait). Saturday was a bit of a blur..first off to the parents to pick up the rug rats and we all ended up staying to ride bikes and play with the neighbor kids. Around noon the boys and I were off to Sports Authority. E has played baseball for three years now but this was N's first year..t-ball..I can't wait! Well they needed it all..cleats, bats, bags, gloves, balls, pants..you name it we needed it - $307 worth of it! YIKES! Then off to Target, Bel-Air, hair cuts...at 8:00 we were finally done! :) Sunday was a slough day...we lounged all day, went to a candle party and then lounged some more - we need more days like that!

Monday was NUTS - lets just say that I whined a LOT! I will say that I owned it on Monday - even said it out loud in the middle of a meeting - Monday was one looonnnngggg meeting.

Today was field trip day! WOOHOO! I try and go on one per year with each kid. Today was E's turn - lots of fun. The bus driver was not so much fun...we got yelled at a lot! I wished I could spend all day with my kids but after one field trip I feel like I could sleep for a week! Maybe it was because I had 34 kids instead of just 2 - that mom with 14 kids it CRAZY! I do wish I could spend more time with my babies. I am so lucky to have them - they are adorable little monsters. It isn't even V-Day yet and already I have three cards from them (they are as bad as mommy at waiting).

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