Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today N went on his first field trip without mom! You see E was always ready to go to school and it really didn't matter to him if I showed up or not. N is a little different...he would like me to be attached to him all day (he loves his mommy!). I know that he needs to go it alone and he would be fine on his trip but he gets so sad in the morning. Well he had a GREAT time!! He saw a play and got to eat lunch away from school. He said it was the best trip ever! E made a rain stick at school...he is very proud of it and so am I. He is a very artistic kid. We are having trouble with all the crafts they make at school. Everything should be saved and hung up around our less than large apartment.

My day was not nearly as exciting as the boys. Work, work and some more work and then off to the gym! I didn't do so good on my quest to stop whining today. Poor D had to listen to me complain several times today about a wide range of things (mostly unimportant). It didn't get much better until we added some chocolate pie to the mix and then I felt slightly better...until I had to burn it off at the gym. I promise tomorrow I will hop on the wagon again and try to be more appreciative. Something tells me that I started this little plan at a bad time?

Well...time to get everyone settled down. Maybe a bubble bath and some daydreaming about winning the lottery! Hmmm? Well maybe not the California State Lottery..seems we are having a little $$$ trouble in the golden state so they would probably keep my winnings until I am 85 or so.

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