Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have the best friends in the world! I got to see lots of them this weekend. We can have fun doing just about anything...usually just being silly. I spent most of my weekend with A, N, M and E. The kids got to run around and play with each other and we just sit around and be dorks. It's one of those times when you can say just about anything with out holding back or pretending to be something you are not. You can say the most personal things about your life and no one laughs at you or acts like you are crazy. How many people have one person in life they can do that with? I have so many - A, N, M, MK and D - not one of them ever seems to judge me. I so love them ALL! MK I will see on Friday and D I get to see all week since we work together (mostly we just work to keep each other sane all week. Just need to make it to Margarita Madness every other Friday night!) We also threw in a couple candle parties just for my house should smell pretty great in a couple of weeks.

Saturday night we had dinner at A & N's house and then ended up sitting around talking about nothing and next thing I knew it was after 11...we talked for over 3+ hours. The kids went home with A's mom for a sleepover - she took all four and today when I picked them up she fed me these FANTASTIC taco's...YUM! Today was off to M's house for a party and then she kept my baby monsters and I took her daughter H out shopping for prom dresses. I loved it! :)

Tomorrow begins another crazy week at work...UGH! NewCo comes in on Monday and spends most of the week explaining our new "vision"...I can hardly wait! FRIDAY won't come soon 8 AM I will be flying off to Vegas to have tons of fun with M for her birthday!

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  1. Les H had such a good time shopping with you... and the joke!!! You have become such a great friend thanks for everything..