Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!

OMG! What a great day! Not at all what I expected my first single V-Day to be like. I knew weeks ago that I was not the kind of girl to sit home and be sad so my friend D and I planned a girls day was the best Valentine's Day I remember in a long time!

Not dwelling on the past but last year I bought that special someone tickets to a concert in SF that he really wanted to see and got us a hotel close to the venue....well, he ended up inviting others to go/stay with us so it certainly wasn't romantic and well..I HATED the music. It was terrible but he really liked it and seemed to have a great time so that was all I needed (man...I SUCK! What a sap!)

Since that was just last year this V-Day didn't have much to live up to but either way it would have ROCKED! First....I wanted to do everything we had compromise was needed. We started the day with a movie - Taken. One of the best movies I have seen! Then it was off to lunch and margarita's (actually we had started that part the night before!) and then we went to a new spa and had hour long pedicures. Nothing topped off the day like Cold Stone - dark chocolate ice cream. It was a blast - we laughed a lot and just enjoyed doing what we wanted...did I mention she even brought me a present - Necco Conversation Hearts to enjoy with the movie. I don't think I ever thought of Liam as a hot guy before but after that movie..heck ya! :) I'm pretty sure she had fun least I hope she did. sounds like our other friend L who we never see or talk to anymore got a romantic SF V-Day engagement! Good for her - I can't wait to see the ring. We better get invited to the wedding! :)

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