Thursday, February 12, 2009


Sometimes I forget how wonderful it can be to alone. I know..that just sounds NUTS! Tonight I picked my babies up and we spent our ride to the gym talking about what they did at school. N's teacher was out and E had GATE..overall they had a great day. I left them at the kid club to run around like crazy people and I tried to burn off my bat wings (no such luck but I will keep trying). After our gym adventure we went to Bel Air for Valentine cookies for class (bake? who has time for that!). N doesn't get to have sugar in his class so he picked out cookies for home...YUM! FROSTING. (And yet I wonder why I can't get rid of my bat wings?) :) We came home and had dinner and played a game E made at school. The boys watched a little TV and then it was off to bed. Not before getting lovies from mommy! I adore the fact that I get to kiss them and hug them each night before they go to bed...we NEVER miss saying "I love you!"

Mommy then got to take a nice hot bath with a yummy LUSH bath bomb, a nice piece of chocolate cheesecake (my treat from the store) and my new magazine. It was 45 minutes of bliss!

The boys had fallen a sleep and I remembered why I started blogging...remember to be grateful! So I thought I should write it all down before I forgot how good I felt in the moment.

I/we get to decide how to spend our time. No one gets to complain that I didn't get something done, or to stop playing games and cook a real dinner (The kids wanted pancakes). After the kids are happy I get me time! I could live in a hot steamy bath...especially with something to read!

I'm not saying that I hope to be alone forever but I am appreciating this time to be all about ME! and the boys. They get my undivided attention at night - which never seems like long enough since I work full time and we have so many other commitments. I am happy! Happy to be me, to be a mom and not to be spending my time or heart on the wrong person. Who better to spend it on then my babies! When they go with PT (part-time) Dad I get to spend time with my great friends - A, J, M, D!

Not to mention - the boys made me more Valentine cards today - I may not have a boyfriend but I have 5...count them 5 valentine's day cards! WOO HOO!

Life is Good!

That's how my day became ordinary and perfect all at the same time!

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