Friday, March 5, 2010


OMG, I can't do it today. I can't focus, my brain is broken. I knew this would happen. My "distraction" at work isn't here today so I just knew I would come in and get all sorts of work done and I'm not getting ANY...FUCK!! The damn A/C is on...are you kidding me! I have on a t-shirt, sweater and G's sweatshirt and I am still going to DIE! It wasn't this cold sitting outside on the concrete slab waiting for E's practice to end. WTF? Is my frostbite going to be good for a WC claim?

Tonight N has his first practice and then we plan on getting dinner and watching Where the Wild Things Are and tomorrow they both have it and then we are off to my parents for dinner and play time and a possible kid sleepover (crossing fingers and praying!). Sunday might be a trip to John's Incredible Pizza because I love's my fav! Or maybe it's because N won a certificate at school and he just can't wait! Last night at E's practice I made a joke with a guy that lived next door to the married us knew PTD is a loser. Someone whom I don't know very well heard me and now probably thinks I am crazy...I guess my secret is out! Oh well, maybe he will feel sorry for E since he has a crazy mother and give him the position he wants. Aren't I a great mom? I use my crazy to benefit my kid...lovely! :) Good thing N's coach and wife are friends and already know my brand of crazy. Thank you!

I am feeling lots of ?!##?$#$ today. I have no focus, no direction, a GIGANTIC need to play, to shop to make a mess, to get a pedicure, to have wine and chocolate and some hot man! I want to watch movies and dance and scream and sing badly (the only way I can!) and run around. I want to be silly and obnoxious (I already have that part down!). I want to people watch and laugh. Generally this kind of behavior (minus the hot man) requires that I hang out with A, N, D and/or J - they get it! I should say the get it and then we make inside jokes for the rest of our lives and then we make fun of each other FOREVER after. And sometimes it also involve vodka! :) Yeah, I need me some of that girl time ASAP and then maybe the hot random stranger can come over and take charge and then leave - no need to stick around buddy (HA!). Ok, yes that so sounds like a plan - how do I make that happen?

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