Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All sorts of random! I got lost...

Lost in the sea of baseball practice! :) Things have been so crazy for us lately. We have been living at the fields five to six times a week for practice and the last week we added in float building to really send me over the edge! Two floats, two schedules, a new after school program for the kids, way too much actual work...I need a vacation/nap/dark place to hide!

The kids are having a great time. They were selected to participate in a new program at school - MESA it seems like a great opportunity for them. They both totally love baseball and have great coaches. Opening day is this weekend so we have a parade, opening ceremonies and both boys have games...not to mention the eleventeen other family and friends that all play that also have games the same day.

In between all this fun, we have had some real fun. A & N and J & I (we girl date each other when her husband lets us) went to see Alice In Wonderland for N's birthday..FUN! Went out for drinks (too many) one night and had a BLAST! N's birthday bash was at our house this weekend and we had a great time. Some of the kids spent the night with me and the other luckies (A, the birthday girl and J) skipped out and left me with the kids...and I call these girls my friends! :) E had an early morning practice on Sunday so I took all five of them to the donut shop for breakfast and we brought enough for the whole team..those dang boys took down 3 dozen donuts! The gym has been cut for the list until this float/6 day a week practice schedule slows down...hopefully next week (see donuts, party and lots of drinks). PLEASE!

We all got sick but survived. I painted my office finally and LOVE it! After painting a wall with 10 different colors I finally just made a damn decision and painted the room and the cabinet our computer/mail/junk/office supplies resides in. I painted it with chalkboard paint so now we can write messages to each other or reminders. The kids thought it was great. Got my backyard furnished just in time for the party...thankfully.

Both the boys got awesome report cards! Our house looks like it may have been ransacked by a gang of thieves...unfortunately, they aren't taking anything, just leaving a bigger mess each day. I am hoping Sunday we can get that mess under control. Although, I am really planning on making it to team pictures and then right back to my bed after this week. I want my PJ's and my weeks of Tivo, maybe some wine and chocolate to go with it? :)

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