Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to the 1st/3rd Grade!

Well, the final day of school is done and it was all we hoped it would be. I took the four monkeys to donuts and juice this morning before school and took lots of pictures of their messy little faces. After that it was off to school we went. Morning sing was ADORABLE! E & H's classes sang good bye songs to the sixth graders. E got a little leadership award and N presented the 6th graders with flowers. Lots of kids, teachers and parents were all weepy. I did get sad when I found out that E's awesome teacher Ms. F is not returning next year. Stupid budget cuts! She is such a great teacher.

K & J's graduation ceremony was nice and afterwards we went to my sisters for brunch and to finish celebrating my mom's birthday. Then I went back and got the boys from school and we hit the ice cream parlor. YUM! My children and brilliant - THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Amazing report cards for both. I couldn't be more proud. (Unless they decided they liked to clean?) After we came home and everyone played Wii for a little bit and then both boys fell asleep. I let them nap until E's game. He did great! Grandma and Grandpa drove back out to see it and Nana and Nana D came to watch too. Tonight they plan to stay up late...even if they still have to get up to go to daycare in the morning but that is no problem.

The teacher I wanted N to get next year informed me at sing this morning that she most certainly will have Mr. N in her class next year...WOOHOO! I don't know who E with get but I guess August will be here in no time at all.

I loved getting to spend the last day of school with the all the kids. As I sat at the donut shop this morning we laughed that people coming in thought I had four kids - k, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. OMG! I could hardly breath just thinking about it. :) Nope, I would take them all in a heartbeat. I love those little ladies like crazy too. WELCOME SUMMER! We are so happy you are here.

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