Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome Home!

I moved! That about sums it up.

Well...maybe not all of it. I am a homeowner again! It is freaking me out a little as I sit around my relatively newly constructed home and wait for something to break that I can't afford to fix. Is it strange to miss your property management company? Actually, I don't. I have never been so happy. My children can jump in the house without me yelling at them because of the people downstairs. While unpacking I could send them into the backyard to play and collect new bugs. I LOVE OUR HOUSE! My bestest friends in the whole world have already come over twice to hang out. A couple others came by to check the place out but we didn't have any furniture moved yet so I hope they come back soon. Who needs a property manager - I have a DAD! One that rocks. :) I don't know when I decided that I wanted to take the plunge into home ownership again? I know that my boys really wanted to live in a house, the market conditions were awesome and I am desperate for a DOG again. I don't really do little dogs (I have seen lots of really cute ones. Bruiser was one of my favs and who doesn't love Xander!) and most rentals would rather you have 40 people live with you in a 2 bedroom house than tell them you have a mastiff. I didn't even tell the boys until I was picking up the keys from our realtor. The little monsters didn't believe me when I told them it was our house and we were moving. Once they realized I wasn't kidding lots of high-fives were exchanged. :) Did I mention WE LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE?

Today for Father's Day my sisters and I took my dad out to breakfast and then to a local driving range. None of us girls are golfers but my dad loves it so we thought we would give it a try. AND? I had such a blast. Talk about a great anger management tool. I don't have the time or real desire (total lack of skill) yet to actually golf but I could really spend some time whacking the ball at the driving range. After we went back to his house for a BBQ and some swimming. It was a great day all around. Because it was a great day for all of us I have decided not to rant on and on about PTD today.

1. I now love Home Depot as much as I do the mall.
2. Renewed my love for IKEA this weekend.
3. Realized that my BFF is a Yanni loving dork! :)
4. Had a wonderful tea party with some of my favorite little people and my friend N.
5. I never want to live in a world without chocolate or Starbucks or a microwave...or cable! (I am such a sissy!) I come! If I don't start getting some things to the finish line at work I am going to get FIRED! Nice idea to go along with my new mortgage! Good thing I have D....we float in the same constantly diverted boat.....

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