Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Day of School

Tomorrow is the last day of school! E and N are so excited. I can't believe my baby is out of kindergarten and E is headed to the 3rd grade. I am a big fan of making a big deal of the little things so I took the day off and we will go to donuts for breakfast with A & H before school and then I will go the morning sing presentation. After that I have to run over to my niece and nephew's 6th grade graduation and then back to school to pick the boys up from their minimum day. We ALWAYS go to ice cream and talk about the best parts of the year. I know...it pretty much seems like a day full of sugar and love and I am so ok with that!

Today is my mom's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! :) She and my dad came out to N's game tonight along with Nana and Uncle B. After we went to pizza for a semi-birthday dinner. The boys and I sang happy birthday - yes, I use the term sing loosely. :) E has a game tomorrow night. I can't believe the season is almost over..what are we going to do with our nights and weekends again? I will actually miss it - a lot! Mostly because the boys love it so much.

The summer I have been so eagerly waiting for is finally here! I can't wait for all the fun we will have just hanging out. Swimming, playing at the park, picnics, staying up and outside later and later. I think we will have to make it to the ocean for the day. Maybe Santa Cruz...I love it there. The boys also crave Great America...being big Nickelodeon fans so maybe we will take another family trip? The options are wide open (if only my daycare costs didn't triple...it would be perfect). We always go camping with my parents. Camping translates to staying in an amazing park in their RV bigger than my apartment with all the amenities anyone could need for "camping". I love spoiled camping - thank god for my mom! :) Well just thank God for everything all the way around! Summer is the best three months of the entire year. December comes in a very close second - I mean seriously - who doesn't love Christmas!

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